Cybersecurity Tips and Tricks

This website is to provide help in issues involving the online world, this can be scams, viruses and etc. This website will include links to websites that can show you what to look out for and some examples of things to avoid while online. This website can be a gudie to all things online and also how to stay safe online and also keep your information, just YOUR information

How to stay safe online:

Here is an example of a common scam that most likley circulates the internet multiple times a second:
Basic Scam Errors
This is an example of a "phishing email". Phishing is a type of scam in which an email is sent pretending to be a well known company that you may be affiliated with or just a random company that is well known enough to be understood by anyone reading this email. These emails are very common and there are some things you can do to check whether that email is legitimate or not.
  1. Check the email that it was sent from, this should be an email from someone you know or have talked to in the past or an email that has sent you one before regarding legitimate information. If you check and the email is not one that you know or it seems suspicous it is most likely a scam/phishing
  2. If the email does not directly address you or someone you know it is again most likley a scam. In the image above you see that it address the reciever as Customer rather than an actual name.
  3. Most emails nowadays have writers that now how to make them look like actual company emails, but there are still some emails that are eing sent from people who may have no idea how to make it look legitimate so there might be some tells to see if it's real or fake. There is more information here -> How to spot phishing